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3Ecoaching method 3Ecoaching Key words
Experienced entrepreneurs
3Ecoaching meetings
Main final results
2 modules

3Ecoaching participants
Shall you work in a very large organisation or a small business,
Would you be a manager, an engineer, a consultant, a freelance
or start your own business,
For your personal and social life too...
what you need is an international entrepreneur spirit and skills.

You want to test and develop your entrepreneurship spirit and skills,
join 3Ecoaching program.
Students are regular 3Ecoaching participants.
Mature people also.

3Ecoaching Keywords
- Coaching by experimented entrepreneurs operating worldwide
- Action learning
- Just in time and problem based learning
- Classic and informal learning combination
- Individual and team work combination
- Auto responsibility: personal E-company running, free meetings
- Back to basics and new economy inventiveness combination
- E-tools: E-learning, E-meeting, E-cooperation
- Database about entrepreneurship: permanent updating and access
- Networks: 3Ecoaching entrepreneurs, universities, students, alumni, executives
- Worldwide scope: Europe, America, Asia, Africa...
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Experienced entrepreneurs are the leading force of 3Ecoaching program.
- 3Ecoaching coaches are experienced entrepreneurs and businessmen
- the companies they are running are spread all around the world
- 3Ecoaching trainees benefit a lot from coaches international scope.
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3Ecoaching meetings
Standard classes do not exist in 3Ecoaching program.
Instead every meeting is held like a board meeting.
Each participant is the CEO of his own E-company.
Other participants do act as members of each other E-company Board.
Coaches do act as each E-company President.
At the end of each meeting participants have learnt:
- more entrepreneurship words to think about
- more entrepreneurship tools to use
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Main final results for 3Ecoaching participants
- having learnt from worldwide experienced entrepreneurs
- having met and cooperated with other fellows all over 3Ecoaching worldwide network
- having tested your entrepreneur strengths and weaknesses
- having trained yourself to the best entrepreneurs' practices
- be prepared to whatever entrepreneurship domain :
large organization, small business, freelance, startup, social life, personal life.
- be prepared to act by yourself when time will come

Never be alone again.
At the end of the 3Ecoaching program participant are definitely part of 3Ecoaching entrepreneurs international association
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3Ecoaching program has 2 modules.
Each module is 12 weeks long.
Total time of 3Ecoaching program is 24 weeks long.

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The program, described in this page, is the standard one.
You have special needs,
You face particular local conditions,

Ask Alison Towsend@ 3Ecoaching to customize
a special program just for you:

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