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3Ecoaching First module
From click... is the name of this module
Action learning is this module keyword

from click... module which action?
a unique solution
why a web site?
positive side effects

Of course entrepreneurship relies on a bunch of proved techniques.
These techniques will be studied in depth during the second module of 3Ecoaching.

But for entrepreneurship practicing is more important than everything else.
In that sense entrepreneurship is a lot like sports learning.
Nobody can succeed in learning whatever sport without practicing.
Nobody can succeed in entrepreneurship learning without practicing.
Action learning is 3Ecoaching keyword.

Which action is best for 3Ecoaching participants to undertake?
Fine action would be that each participant has to run from scratch his own company.
But participants miss two key resources.
First, participants have not enough time.
Going through all the steps involved in the full development of a new company requires more than only 12 or 24 weeks.
Second, participants would have to risk some money, in some case a lot.
You cannot ask people involved in a first learning process to risk their own money.
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3Ecoaching has a unique solution.
Make each participant run from scratch his own E-company.
Each participant has to build and run one web site.

Web site subject is completely free.
By doing so each participant can develop his own passion on the subject he likes uttermost.
No problem if the subject is neither technically nor business oriented.
First word for whatever enterprise anybody undertakes is passion.
Passion must withstand 3Ecoaching participant first action: building and running one web site.
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Why a web site?
Building and running a web site is used only as a pattern to practice
what a company is.
Then comes the central role of the general coach and each personal coach.
Coaches list accurate comparisons between web site running and company running.
Comparisons are pinpointed at every step of the web site running process.
Similarities are capitalized as positive experience.
Differences are yet emphasized more carefully.
Back to reality process begins right now at the very first step of
the "from click..." module.
Back to reality will be again the core of the "... to brick" module.
Experienced entrepreneurs acting as coaches are the first guaranty that 3Ecoaching participants will be future entrepreneurs always aware of the back to reality rule.

For each participant his web site looks like a company to launch and run.
It is every participant own "E-company".
The "E-company" training is the core of the 3Ecoaching first module.
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Web site running has also some positive side effects
For whatever enterprise customers are key to final success.
3Ecoaching coaches put the pressure on each participant to get as many direct contacts as possible with his web site visitors.
If not full customers, visitors are a good first step towards it.

Participants can run their web site anywhere anytime.
Web site scope can be worldwide. This makes participants think worldwide and global. This forces participants to anticipate and get contact with different languages, habits and cultures.

Participants develop also their Internet skills. It is not the core of the "from click..." module but it is a very positive side effect for the participant future work life. It is especially positive as these skills are once again built upon real action learning and not only on a theoritical one-way teaching.

Web site is also a good object for participants to test their inventiveness and quick responsiveness, two top entrepreneurs' qualities.

But remember "to click..." module is fully worth
only with the back to basics "... to brick" second module
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As described this program is the standard one.
You have special needs,
You face particular local conditions,
Ask Alison Towsend@ 3Ecoaching to customize a special program for you:

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