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What is 3Ecoaching ?

3Ecoaching stands for...
Experienced Entrepreneurs using E-tools Coaching
... 3Ecoaching

The new millenium Economic strength will be driven by entrepreneurship.

Shall you work in a very large organisation or a small business
Would you be a manager, an engineer, a consultant, a freelance or start your own business ... for your personal and social life too...

What you need is international entrepreneur spirit and skills.

Direct from experienced entrepreneurs
is the best way to get a training
to international entrepreneurship spirit and skills.
3Ecoaching offers you an unique worldwide
network of experienced entrepreneurs coaches.

3Ecoaching coaches are experienced entrepreneurs and executives.
The companies they operate are spread all around the world.

E-tools are the only way to keep trainees in touch with their coaches
24 hours a day, 7 days a week, everywhere.
E-meetings, E-Learning and E-cooperation are the main tools used by 3Ecoaching.
Of course live meeting and classic learning are aslo used.

Join the 3Ecoaching training program
- to affiliate your university email to vmargil@aspm.net
- to affiliate your company email to i.bernadac@aspm.net
- for an individual affiliation email to i.bernadac@aspm.net

For more information
email to alisontowsend@aspm.net

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