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How do trainees get an international touch ?

3Ecoaching is a unique international experience.

Trainees benefit a lot of the worldwide scope of the 3Ecoaching coaches.
Coaches are experienced entrepreneurs and businessmen.
The companies they operate are spread all around the world.

Most of the time each trainee personal coach comes
from a different country, culture or continent than the trainee itself

A full international network of universities, companies and individuals
are participating around the world in 3Ecoaching training program.
Trainees are urged to cooperate across borders.

International E-cooperation
is key part of the 3Ecoaching method.
For instance during the "from click" 3Ecoaching first module,
each trainee has to elect a foreign "dual" partner to develop his own project abroad.
Coupling 2 different continents, Europe, North America, Asia, South America, Africa,
is one main target of 3Ecoaching method.

An international database about entrepreneurship
is permanently updated by both trainees and coaches.
This database is freely accessed
everywhere and anytime
by anybody participating in the 3Ecoaching network.

Join the 3Ecoaching training program
- to affiliate your university email to vmargil@aspm.net
- to affiliate your company email to i.bernadac@aspm.net
- for an individual affiliation email to i.bernadac@aspm.net

For more information
email to alisontowsend@aspm.net

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