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3Ecoaching local web sites

In each university partner of 3Ecoaching program, students develop a local web site:

- in Nantes (France), Ecole des Mines de Nantes - in Paris (France), visit http://www.ugotoo.com/3Ecoaching-in-Esiee
- in Zaragoza (Spain), visit http://www.ugotoo.com/3Ecoaching-in-Unizar-2002-2003

NB: as a true entrepreneurial experience, 3Ecoaching program is continuously improvedů The name of the program changed in June 2001: "3Ecoaching" took the place of "Eship" . Some of the web sites are still with "Eship" name.

3Ecoaching tutorials

How 3Ecoaching tutorials look like ? Click here to see one example

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